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Interesting info to help you find records

re yr query on William Charles Hoaten, here:

I found his Death Record, D.R.811/55, here:


The index for that I found here:


The repository for the Zimbabwe Death Records is here:

from that root page address (above) you’ll find links to two sets of ledgers.

#1 Zimbabwe, Death notices, 1904-1976 holds the doctor’s Death Notices, and those are arranged by district and year.
Those have details about how the person died, age, and so on, but won’t have dependents details. 
If you know where and when someone died you might find their Death Notice by browsing the images in those place/date folders.
They were not all filed in strict chronological order, and some death notices were filed even a year after the event, so it’s worthwhile to keep looking long after the event date.

#2 Zimbabwe, Death Registers, 1890-1977; Index to Death Register, 1892-1977 is more useful as a starting point, because that has an index (or three of them, to be more precise), and these usually have information about the person and dependents.
For example, names starting with H could be in the index ‘H’ folders, could be in the index ‘A-Z’, and could be in the index titled ‘Death Indexes Open files’.
In addition, the early volumes have also have an individual index on the first 25-30 pages.
Having found the name in the index, you’ll have a reference, something like D.R. 20/100, which then that means you’ll find the image in Volume 20, numbered as #100.
(Those you’ll find in the folder titled ‘Death Registers’ –it’s at the bottom of the page that has the alphabetical folders.)
In 1953 they changed the filing system so that the reference is year/number not volume/number. This means that a D.R with index number D.R. 55/100 could be in #100 volume 55 or in year 1955 – you just have to look,if it’s not the one, it will be the other.

So given that you want to find D.R.20/100 you go to volume 20, and you’ll see that the volume contains say 350 pages. Type in page 125 (to jump past the volume index pages to get close to the number you want), then page or jump forward/back from there until you find the D.R that you want.
Some of the index references can’t be found in any of the online volumes, ie. three-number references like D.R. 20/100/29 just points to a list ‘Master Estate’ list, and you won’t find any files online  with the index MISC, ADM, or LW.




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