Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Christopher Wellington Mhlanga

I am looking for my father Christopher Wellington Mhlanga I last saw him in 1990 or later than that. My mother is Priscila Ndlovu from Mpopoma Bulawayo she was a policewoman, My fathers brother was called Ernest Mhlanga, my father was a policeman he used to work in Queens Park police station and Drill hall and my sister is Dadirai Mhlanga and am Sekai Mhlanga I have been looking for him for a while now but I can't seem to find him.

I hope you could help me locate him or his relatives please.

Sekai Mhlanga Daughter
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Hello, my name is Eugene Chikweye and I was born in Chimanimani (formerly Melsetter) in eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe in 1987. I am looking for my father who went by the surname Everett (of European decent) around that time and worked for the Rural District council of Chimanimani by that time. My mother's name is Margret Chikweye and she worked for him at the time. I have never seen him or heard of what happened to him after he left Chimanimani. Please assist and contact me on +263 783616008 or +263 776377739 or Thank you.

Hi I have been searching for a Leon James Groom and was sent this. Leon James Groom died on the 30/11/1945 in Bulawayo. Looking for any family he may have had while living in Bulawayo.

Thanks Derek Austin

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