Friday, January 31, 2014

Joshua Humphrey Sigauke

I'm trying to use the search page and have failed. I'm trying to find information on Joshua Humphrey Sigauke who died in New York in June 2010. Any one who knew him can contact me.
Dr Sitali Chibumba

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Antonie Janjetich/Yanjetich.

My great grandfather was Antonie Janjetich/Yanjetich.

I have no information on him apart from his name.

I would love to know where he was born (some say it was in Austria) and his date of birth and his date of death.


I don't know who my great-grandmother was either. I only know her first name was Johanna. I would love to know her dates of birth & death and where she was born and her maiden name.


 My grandmother was Mary Janjetich and she married Casper van Zyl. They had 2 daughters Helen Marion van Zyl and Agnes Edna Martha van Zyl (my mother) born 3 April 1926. Sadly Mary passed away in around 1928 and my mother & her sister were removed from the Janjetich Family Farm and placed in Emerald Hill Children's Home in Salisbury.

 I would love to know Mary's full names, her dates of birth & death as well. I think she was born in South Africa. 


The only real info I have received from a family member is included here.


Janjetich the name on the deed for the Good Luck Farm; Filabusi;
Insiza district in 1928 transferred in favor of Government of Southern
Rhodesia on 18-5-1935. Married Johanna ? born Transvaal died 13-9-1942
in Bulawayo aged 74;

Antonie Yanjetick was on the deed of sale. Antoni Janjetich was on the
death certificate. They had Mary (van Zyl), Martha Helling nee Kennedy; Anne; Antonette Kutchen and John.

My great grandfather :Antonie Yanjetick born in Austria 1860 died
31-3-1934 aged 74.


Then I would appreciate it IF you could find out about my grandfather Casper van Zyl. Who were his parents? Where did they come from and any other relevant information. I know he had 2 brothers Willem van Zyl and Kornels(sp?) van Zyl.and a sister Elizabeth van Zyl. If there were any other siblings, I am not sure. I know his parents died and he and his siblings grew up with the Terblanche family near Bulawayo. Casper was a member of the British South Africa Mounted Police in the mid to late 1920's. He was away when Mary died and only returned quite a while later to discover she had passed away. He then took his 2 very young daughters away and they never saw their grandparents again.

He died in about 1956 in Bulawayo and I remember he lived with his 2nd wife Molly and their children in Queens Park East Bulawayo


Odette, I have been searching for years now. I can't believe that the descendants of Janjetich and van Zyls  know nothing about their ancestors. I know more than they do and as my mother was removed from the Janjetich Family, I should be the one who knows even less! The same goes for the van Zyl descendants.


If you could assist me in finding out this information, I would be eternally grateful.


Thanks and kind regards

Jeanette Bergoff

East Rand, South Africa
Jeanette Bergoff <>

Jeanette & Jimmy Bergoff

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I would like to search for my birthparents. I live in RSA but was born in Zimbabwe. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of information about my birth but I would still like to try though. Would you be able to assist me?

I was adopted by birth, born 03/08/1981 in Bulawayo, Registered as Magdalena Elizabeth Cloete. Apparently I was born at a nun-clinic. Social welfare handled the adoption.
Magda Smit <>

John Pierce.

From A.Johnstone


PIERCE             My late father’s cousin lived at 3 Beale Crescent Umtali in 1973. His name was John Pierce. I know this as I discovered that his mother, a widow called Florence Maud Pierce had died that year and as her relative his address had been written on the death notice. I know that John was born in UK 1917 and served in the forces during WW2 marrying a girl from what was then called Rhodesia. They had a daughter but that is all I know and wonder if anyone would have information on the family such as when John died, who was his wife, what was his occupation and what happened to his daughter?

It would be lovely if anyone has anything of interest for me.

Kind regards,


the death record of my grandfather Walter Gray

I am looking for the death record of my grandfather Walter Gray who died in 1979 in Umtali.

Is there a chance you could find me a copy? Or a web page I could find it.


I have found a lot of information on Rootschat but the death records end in 1977!


Thanks and if there is any other information you require please ask




Gavin Mawdsley Gavin Mawdsley <>

I am trying to track down Patricia Parker

Trying To Track Down: I am trying to track down Patricia Parker who is my father's cousin ( Rodney Davies). I understand she used to work with a houseboat management team at Kariba and I think now lives with a minister. She will be about 75. My father tried to email her when my mum passed away in 2012 but he did not get a response so I am unsure if she is even still in the area. I know this is probably a bit hopeful but if you do know her or where she has gone please let me know or forward her my details. Thanks for your help Lesli Singh (nee Davies)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sifiso Ncube - origin of surname

My name sifiso ncube i was born in south africa but originally im from zimbambwe but wat stresses me i dont know my surname praise,please help. 

Sifiso <>