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Antonie Janjetich/Yanjetich.

My great grandfather was Antonie Janjetich/Yanjetich.

I have no information on him apart from his name.

I would love to know where he was born (some say it was in Austria) and his date of birth and his date of death.


I don't know who my great-grandmother was either. I only know her first name was Johanna. I would love to know her dates of birth & death and where she was born and her maiden name.


 My grandmother was Mary Janjetich and she married Casper van Zyl. They had 2 daughters Helen Marion van Zyl and Agnes Edna Martha van Zyl (my mother) born 3 April 1926. Sadly Mary passed away in around 1928 and my mother & her sister were removed from the Janjetich Family Farm and placed in Emerald Hill Children's Home in Salisbury.

 I would love to know Mary's full names, her dates of birth & death as well. I think she was born in South Africa. 


The only real info I have received from a family member is included here.


Janjetich the name on the deed for the Good Luck Farm; Filabusi;
Insiza district in 1928 transferred in favor of Government of Southern
Rhodesia on 18-5-1935. Married Johanna ? born Transvaal died 13-9-1942
in Bulawayo aged 74;

Antonie Yanjetick was on the deed of sale. Antoni Janjetich was on the
death certificate. They had Mary (van Zyl), Martha Helling nee Kennedy; Anne; Antonette Kutchen and John.

My great grandfather :Antonie Yanjetick born in Austria 1860 died
31-3-1934 aged 74.


Then I would appreciate it IF you could find out about my grandfather Casper van Zyl. Who were his parents? Where did they come from and any other relevant information. I know he had 2 brothers Willem van Zyl and Kornels(sp?) van Zyl.and a sister Elizabeth van Zyl. If there were any other siblings, I am not sure. I know his parents died and he and his siblings grew up with the Terblanche family near Bulawayo. Casper was a member of the British South Africa Mounted Police in the mid to late 1920's. He was away when Mary died and only returned quite a while later to discover she had passed away. He then took his 2 very young daughters away and they never saw their grandparents again.

He died in about 1956 in Bulawayo and I remember he lived with his 2nd wife Molly and their children in Queens Park East Bulawayo


Odette, I have been searching for years now. I can't believe that the descendants of Janjetich and van Zyls  know nothing about their ancestors. I know more than they do and as my mother was removed from the Janjetich Family, I should be the one who knows even less! The same goes for the van Zyl descendants.


If you could assist me in finding out this information, I would be eternally grateful.


Thanks and kind regards

Jeanette Bergoff

East Rand, South Africa
Jeanette Bergoff <thebergoffsare@gmail.com>

Jeanette & Jimmy Bergoff

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