Tuesday, January 21, 2014

John Pierce.

From A.Johnstone       aj.designs@tiscali.co.uk


PIERCE             My late father’s cousin lived at 3 Beale Crescent Umtali in 1973. His name was John Pierce. I know this as I discovered that his mother, a widow called Florence Maud Pierce had died that year and as her relative his address had been written on the death notice. I know that John was born in UK 1917 and served in the forces during WW2 marrying a girl from what was then called Rhodesia. They had a daughter but that is all I know and wonder if anyone would have information on the family such as when John died, who was his wife, what was his occupation and what happened to his daughter?

It would be lovely if anyone has anything of interest for me.

Kind regards,


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