Saturday, August 9, 2014

Trying to find friend

Sylvia Halgreen (and I'm not sure of her middle name) is the eldest daughter of my aunt Sheilagh Halgreen (nee Cloete). She has a younger brother, Jeffrey, and sister Tessie (Theresa).
Phoytographs available on request -

Her father's name was Nic (Nicholas?). At some point they lived in Gatooma. Aunt Sheilagh, my mother's youngest sister, died in a motorcar accident on 22nd September 1970 at the age of 37
(21st August 1933 - 22 Sept 1970). She is buried in the Stutterheim, South Africa.
The first picture attached was taken after aunt Sheilagh's death when uncle Nic, Sylvia, Jeffrey and Tessie visited my parents (Japie and Phyllis Schwarz) at Isidenge Forest Station, Stutterheim, South Africa. Sylvia is 3rd from the right. Uncle Nic is at the right back. Jeffrey and Tessie are also on the photograph.
The second picture attached is of Sylvia, aunt Sheilagh and Tessie.
I would appreciate any information on my cousins as I've lost contact with them.
Kind Regards,
Carlene Schwarz

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