Thursday, July 23, 2015

Help needed


We think for various reasons that it’s possible that Joey might have assumed another person’s identity in the form of a birth certificate (there was never any evidence that she had an I.D and as a result never did anything formal like open a bank account in her name), when she was in her mid twenties, but this was after she had married O’Connell in around 1969.  


What will prove everything is her first marriage certificate to an O’Connell. This marriage certificate has never been found. We are certain of the O’Connell part and there are indications that his first names were Daniel Charles.  The most likely year for the marriage would have been 1969, but could have been up to two years either side.  We suspect Joey’s name would be either Johanna or Joana or Joanne.


Our request is: Would it be possible to search all O’Connell marriages from say 1966 to 1970?  If we can get the truth from that then the rest of the information becomes easier.


Thank-you for your help,


James Duguid.

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