Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hi Odette,

I recently found out that thousands of Death Notices / Death Registers are available on the Internet for viewing. The years covered are 1890 to 1977. I’m sure you are aware of this: they can be found at www.familysearch.com

There are several other records available on the same web site, while some records appear to be indexes only.

Actually, it is from this web site that I found the link to your web site (located within the “Help” pages).

Now to my queries:

Imagine my surprise when going through the file called “Death Indexes Open Files” to find my own name there!! There is a code and a number against (my name) in the index – L.W. 2641 – and I was wondering if you could tell me what the code LW means?

There is also another Index file showing records with the abbreviation DRB or D.R.B. Any idea what that is? I understand DR or D.R. to be “Death Register”. For the most part I can locate the Death Register (certificates) for all my relatives for which I have a D.R. numbers, but I could not locate certificates for the names with DRB / D.R.B. Neither can I find the L.W one (against my name).

BTW, the “Help” files only refer to the abbreviations: ADM, D.R. and W (Administrations, Death Register and Will).


Gerold Whittaker gerold@intekom.co.za

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